where the warblers go to eat the purple berries

warbler, magnolia higbee beach nj sep 7 2013 dpf-9907


Here is a poem of mine from about 20 years ago, set at one of my favorite places in

Cape May New Jersey:



Rain on the Hedgerows at Higbee Beach



I do desire you, God.

Your touch like rain on my face,

Rain on the landscape of my heart,

Like a meadow full of weedy

Brown late summer grass,

Full of field sparrows,

Tangled vines full of thorns and berries,

Pokeberry, chokecherry, hackberry trees,

Full of cedar waxwings,

Your rain lingering like dew on that thicket

That is my heart,

That thicket of desires, thorns, thorny questions

And leaf-berry thick hidden places

Where the warblers go to eat the purple berries

Of my passions, my regrets, my dreams,

Fears, imaginings,

A thick, overgrown path, Lord, wet with your rain,

Growing and ripening al that fruit for your

Spirit to eat,

Your Spirit in the wings

Of a million birds passing through me.







<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/purple/”>Purple</a&gt;





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