Mercy was your favorite word

      Elizabeth Bayley Seton , age 20, about 1794 She only lived to age 47, but during that short life she raised 5 children, was a wife, mother, widow, educator, convert to Catholicism, and founder of my religious community. She was a great letter writer; in fact , she wrote marginal notes in her Bible andContinue reading “Mercy was your favorite word”

Far away honk some geese in their flight

Burning Tree     by Sharon Lynn Wallace   Here are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs.  Unfortunately, the group who composed it and performed it are not anywhere to be found anymore, even on YouTube!  But I do have the lyrics: The Burning Tree   Group:   Different Shoes     Album Title: One Size Feets AllContinue reading “Far away honk some geese in their flight”

Riff on chapped knuckles

Here’s a poem that appears in my book  Pick It Up and Read : Riff on Chapped Knuckles   Oily skin , subjected to decades decanters of witch hazel finally turned to parchment. Suddenly after oceans of dishwater, brillo pads erasing charred sugar, wake up to papery palms, chapped knuckles.   Rougher than brass, worseContinue reading “Riff on chapped knuckles”

faintly littered with bits and strokes of light

Here’s another favorite poem , by Richard Wilbur:     A Hole in the Floor   by Richard Wilbur for Rene Magritte   The carpenter’s made a hole In the parlor floor, and I’m standing Staring down into it now At four o’clock in the evening, As Schliemann stood when his shovel Knocked on the crownsContinue reading “faintly littered with bits and strokes of light”

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