A Whimsical Hope


NaBloPoMo   prompt for today:

What do you hope happens by the end of this year?

I have a number of hopes that qualify, though I know none of them will happen:

  1. World Peace           This seems to become less likely each year.


Aside from that, here’s a whimsical hope:

I hope that everyone who can …


goes to visit the “Wonder” exhibit that just opened at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

renwick kinetic art installation

This art gallery has been closed for renovation/restoration for the past several years, and this exhibit makes the most of the beautiful space itself.I visited it two days ago with an old friend, and loved it.

hive in bug room

nest room

Anne rainbow - Copy

Even this quote on one of the walls delighted me:

quote renwick

  1.  ( I can’t get rid of this number; an example of my technical ignorance)

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