This poem comes from a group of poems I wrote, imagining Magritte. It appears in my book  Reconnaissance :


Madame Magritte Ruminates on Syntax



how he puts his world in order…

how he forms images from words.

Though he met me at the botanical garden in Brussels,

he paints me naked, lying on my back,

a large conch shell balanced on my flat midsection.

This artist/model dance enfolds us.

A halo of objects appears in the sky

around me:

grey glove, lighted candle, olive leaf,

dove, key, scrap of paper

on which is written “vague.”

He paints me naked, standing, turning slightly

like the Venus de Milo,

but red, beside red curtains, my red shadow.

He paints me blue, a dream figure.

He paints me holding his pipe.


Magritte freedom-of-mind-1948(1)





<a href=””>Vague</a&gt;


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