What Have I Swallowed?


Here’s a poem from my book  Vexed Questions:

What have I swallowed? Cried Snow White



Because I was hungry and thirsty,

I ate their turnips and bread,

a little from each plate,

and drank their wine,

a little from each cup.

I fell asleep on the seventh bed.


The mirror in the castle

kept yearning after me.


The witch tried a corset, a comb,

but the dwarves kept saving me.


Then my appetite –


I took a bite.


My raging throat will swallow flame.

Its bite can follow feathers home

to land on hot blue curves of blame

where sharp red scissors bruise the shins

of those who bleed because they rush

and blind, collide with beds and walls.






<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/toxic/”>Toxic</a&gt;


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