The Meaning of Radiance



Here’s another poem from my book  Vexed Questions ( Aldrich Press 2013):

The Meaning of Radiance


Still cooking the colon

years after the machine

delivered its killing light

to the hard purple carcinoma.


Cancered cervix

cancered liver

now friable,

readily crumbled, brittle,

easily reduced to powder

like styrofoam,


able to be fried in the sun,

on the stove,

in the mouth of radiation.


Waves in defenseless air

through the unsuspecting neighbor.


Light of sun distilled, forced

through tunnels into funnels

dancing in the sky at Fatima,

glowing the teeth of the smile of the

child in Hiroshima.


What radiance does to the mouth…

John Chrysostom ,golden radiant mouth,

no metal fillings bouncing beams off your teeth

to burn your tongue.


Sing it:

O Radiant Light O Sun Divine

of God the Father’s Deathless Face

O Image of the Light Sublime

that lights the heavenly dwelling place…




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