The Shock of Pain and Blood


I am a dog lover, but this really happened at the home of a friend who was dog-sitting.

It was so ludicrous, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry:


Dog Bite


I didn’t know the

tottering dachshund,

old and blind as he was,

would bite me. And not on my heel, but

on top!

He gnawed with his sharp canines

on that thin skin barely

covering the veins and tendons.

So few nerves there

that at first I thought

he was just sniffing me

in a calm speculative way.

Then the shock of pain and blood!

So sorry I wore loafers,

not walkers!

And right at April’s end,

when I yearned to crunch along

in the woods.

Now it commands my attention

with reproachful throbbing.






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