An Exceptionally Ingenious Poem


Here is a poem by the American poet Andrew Hudgins.  I love to use it in my “Introduction to Poetry” class to watch the students figure it out.

It’s an exceptional what I would call  “Riddle Poem.”  The solution is the photo at the end of the poem:

Snake   by Andrew Hudgins


When we open,

the snake opens

with us –old

rumble gullet,

acid tunnel.

We are the snake’s

garden – his garden,

his gate, his adam

and eve- and he,

the snake, plays

the role of the snake.

We are his tree

of the knowledge of

good and evil,

which is desire,

which is good and evil –

desire, which

is appetite,

which is the snake

that feeds then starves us,

and, thus, we are

his paradise,

which is emptiness,

lumen, the light

we fill with darkness,

the labyrinth

of reptile running

entrance to exit –

rumble gullet,

acid tunnel,

the great dissolver,

the snake god


in the blood garden.



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