Action: Pollen








“By understanding and paying close attention to our speech patterns, we can move ourselves from near desire for change into commitment and action.”

sidebar in Spirituality and Health magazine


By the humid August breeze

understanding came to me

and I recognized the beckoning.

Paying no mind to the warning of the feral cat

close to the marshy construction site,

attention focused on the clay Calvert dust

to shake it from my shoes

our shame at the cutting of the trees

speech became useless.

Patterns of swirling flies,

we’ve hesitated like Swallowtails

can forage around the polished bush

move placidly through the steamy air

ourselves watching them

from inches away.

Near enough to kiss

desire to fuel that yellow power

for ourselves.

Change back

into forest.

Commitment like roots

and purpose like wind.

Action: pollen.




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construction site

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