Innocence is no earthly weapon

the_third_reich_1933_1945_by_birdie95 on deviant art

painting by birdie 95 on deviant art



The Coloseum, Rome


Ovid  was a Roman poet who is best known as the author of the three major collections of poetry: Heroides, Amores, and Ars Amatoria, and of the Metamorphoses.


I am not a Latin scholar, and only know the poet Ovid by his name, but I found this poem written by the great English poet Geoffrey Hill    very thought-provoking.


Ovid in the Third Reich                 by Geoffrey Hill, 1968


non peccat, quaecumque potest peccasse negare, solaque famosam culpa professa facit.


translation: he does not sin, not sin who can deny it,

and only makes a fault.

Amores, III, xiv


I love my work and my children. God

Is distant, difficult. Things happen.

Too near the ancient troughs of blood

Innocence is no earthly weapon.


I have learned one thing: not to look down

So much upon the damned. They, in their sphere,

Harmonize strangely with the divine

Love. I, in mine, celebrate the love-choir.


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