Avid Birder



In the US, the term “birdwatcher” has become “birder.”   It means the same thing:  a person who loves to watch birds.



I am an avid birder, though I don’t travel long distances to see rare birds.  I love to watch the ones nearby.

I also love poems about birds.  I write my own, and also love the many “bird poems” other poets have written.

Here’s one of mine:



The Birdwatcher



Consumed in the sunshine

of a field full of loss,

riding the gusts of memory,

I call to my sorrows,

elusive warblers

who reply

from the tall grass,

occasional flash of gold,

cedar waxwings

calling from deep

in the green glen.

They’re the ones I want to see.

I scorn the more obvious

pigeons and starlings

who scavenge

at my feet.

Abby's hi-five and Bill Thompson



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