Slapstick Comedy


Here’s a poem I wrote about 20 years ago:

After Laughter


Therefore I commend mirth;

so I praise laughter;

after all, I turn to grinning.

In the end, I prefer to chortle, to chuckle,

guffaw, snort, split my sides,

tears of mirth, earthy mirth,

rips of laughter, tides of noise, human breath gasping.

I can’t cry, but I can still laugh

at slapstick,

the foot on the banana, the pie in the face, the butt on the floor,

hit, broom! slice, twig!

I commend mirth!

I award a crown of candy,

reward hilarity!

Laughing wins, winds, winding around my guts,

splashing out my open throat,

tasting so much better than bile.








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One thought on “Slapstick Comedy

  1. I too feel slapstick comedy still has its place in our hearts.. why do we love tom and jerry coz of the little funny things like tom drinking a glass of juice with s frog in it and then he frog croaks its way out inside tom’s stomach and making him somersault..

    Do go thru my latest blogpost on existential meaning in todays chaotic world…
    And give me your personal views on topic :)))

    Liked by 1 person

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