The Courtyard



I’m posting these photos as part of a conversation with the writer of the blog  “Cottage Garden Living.”

This is the courtyard where I live:

view from villa chapel 102515

This  photo was taken about four years ago . Since then ,I have been planting perennials in all the bare brown places you see.


Hostas and lilies center June 24

first, I transplanted Hostas into the center of the garden. But that area gets full sun, and by July the Hostas were burned up.  So I moved them to the shadier corners and planted full sun perennials in their place.  Waiting to see how it looks this year.

Some plantings along the sides:

Anse Hyssop July 6 2016

Anise Hyssop

hollyhocks bee balm aug 6

Hollyhocks, Bee Balm, Blanket Flowers

oct 2 2016 hosta

Hosta, Peony, begonia, Alyssium, Veronica

Magenta Gladiolus July 13

Gladioli, Obedient Plants, Crocosima


sunflowers balloon flowers

Sunflowers, Dianthus, Balloon Flower, Hosta, Iris, Cardinal Flower


You get the idea.  I am excited to see it everyday, as the plants I planted last Spring and Summer emerge.





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