Healing water all were born with


Here’s a poem I wrote about fifteen years ago:



Even the birds have tongues.

I’ve seen hummingbird’s, fine as a hair,

slip out to catch the nectar from the fuchsia,

have seen fledgling woodpecker’s tentatively taste


from the birdbell at my window.

Tongues sliding on saliva.


Healing water from our mouths,

healing water all were born with ,

salvia salvation, living water,

humble, intimate, vibrant, vital.


Tomcat licking his wounds after a fight,

my mother licking her finger, rubbing the dirt off my nose…

Saliva, shining my lips and teeth,

cleaning my glasses, sucking my cut finger,

Christ’s saliva on the blind man’s eyes.


More humble than tears,

how did you come to be flung out

of the mouth of scorn?


Anne Higgins


Published in Pick It Up And Read, Finishing Line Press, 2008

cat licking kitens



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One thought on “Healing water all were born with

  1. Thanks I enjoyed this poem. Especially the part about the tomcat licking his wounds after the fight! Thanks for sharing. Water really is so healing. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Today’s poem is about clarity and relates to water.

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