The Wedding Dress

My best friend made her own wedding dress, and my dress as her maid of honor, back in 1972.  I wonder if anyone still makes her own these days.



Here’s a poem by Irish poem Michael Longley:


THE PATTERN     by Michael Longley


Thirty-six years, to the day, after our wedding

When a cold figure-revealing wind blew against you

And lifted your veil, I find in its fat envelope

The six-shilling Vogue pattern for your bride’s dress,

Complicated instructions for stitching bodice

And skirt, box pleats and hems, tissue-paper outlines,

Semblances of skin, which I nervously unfold

And hold up in snow light, for snow has been falling

On this windless day, and I glimpse your wedding dress

And white shoes outside in the transformed garden

Where the clothesline and every twig have been covered.


simplicity pattern 1

wedding dress pattern

snow clothesline


<a href=””>Pattern</a&gt;
<a href="">Pattern</a>

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