Hideout – now finished

stone-bridgenot finished with this one yet…. had to stop and go to class!


Thanks for all the responses to that first line!


I wanted to post Irish poet  Desmond Egan’s poem “Hideout” and couldn’t find it online.  All I could find was a YouTube video of him reading it.

So when I got back from class,  I listened to that, and wrote down the words.

I think it is a marvelous poem.



Oaks down the road

fall into their own shadows

making the quiet


And not for double decker Dublin

would I swap my little stream,

its imaginary whisper,

its stone bridge for sitting on,

its bank sloping with saplings

and greeny light,

its flicker of midges.

Down there

the sound of a car empties

like an ambulance passing

or the

crinkle of a trout

and everything is othered

by this puzzle of water

barely moving its cloud.

Once I ran away there

and never came back.





<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/hideout/”>Hideout</a&gt;


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