juicy stem


Here’s a poem I wrote which contains the word “Juicy.”  I like to play with words, and this poem is full of wordplay.


Not so the Wicked, Not so:


This is how Sister Eleanora taught punctuation.

The fifth grade chanted:


Not so the wicked comma

Not so colon!

Not so that they would understand,

not to say that the string through the candle

is wicked,

not so as to say that wicked is worse,

not so:

Just to show that the wicked

cause a slight pause,

then, a long one

before the psalmist dolefully doles the verb.

Like dinner plate dahlias cut, they wilt and wither

whether they will it or not.

So the gardening clippers do their work.

So the rabbits do their work on the gorgeous


lopping them off to chew the juicy stem.




<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/juicy/”>Juicy</a&gt;


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