someday I will rake them up


Here’s a poem of mine that contains the word someday.


October in the Garden


I don’t believe cleaning up the garden.

I like to leave it weedy and seedy,

Overgrown for the birds,

The butterflies ,

the buddleia bearing branches down to the ground bowing

from persistent torrents of summer rain,

milkweed pods open and empty, grey husks on

stalky sticks

still the sparrows forage through them.

The cardinal flower finished with the hummingbirds .

hummers gone for the season, cardinal flower stalks bare of blooms now.

Tangle of wild strawberries, bishops weed, cherry bells ringing

one more time.

Mosaic of spiderwebs,

crusts of now brown flowers of astilbe.

Someday I will go and rake them up,

but not before the hard frost comes.





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