Green Man in the Garden


When I say the word “vegetal” I thought of The Green Man, a mythical figure who symbolizes our one-ness with the vegetable world.  He appears as a foliate mask in gardens and on the stonework of many churches.


I read this very interesting book about the Green Man about 20 years ago, and have never forgotten it.

I see his face in some of the whimsical carvings of fruit and vegetables posted on places like Pinterest:



and the owl!


Here’s a wonderful poem by Charles Causley.  It’s considered a children’s poem, but I think it has something for adults, too:

The Green Man in the Garden


Green Man in the garden

Staring from the tree,

Why do you look so long and hard

Through the pane at me?

Your eyes are dark as holly,

Of sycamore your horns,

Your bones are made of elder-branch,

Your teeth are made of thorns.

Your hat is made of ivy-leaf,

Of bark your dancing shoes,

And evergreen and green and green

Your jacket and shirt and trews.

“Leave your house and leave your land

And throw away the key,

And never look behind,” he creaked,

“And come and live with me.”

I bolted up the window, I bolted up the door,

I drew the blind that I should find

The green man never more.

But when I softly turned the stair

As I went up to bed,

I saw the green man standing there.

“Sleep well, my friend,” he said.





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