One Faithfulness More




Here’s a poem by D.H.Lawrence:


Oh we’ve got to trust

one another again

in some essentials.

Not the narrow little

bargaining trust

that says: I’m for you

if you’ll be for me. –

But a bigger trust,

a trust of the sun

that does not bother

about moth and rust,

and we see it shining

in one another.

Oh don’t you trust me,

don’t burden me

with your life and affairs; don’t

thrust me into your cares.

But I think you may trust

the sun in me

that glows with just

as much glow as you see

in me, and no more.

But if it warms

your heart’s quick core

why then trust it, it forms

one faithfulness more.

And be, oh be

a sun to me,

not a weary, insistent


but a sun that shines

and goes dark, but shines

again and entwines

with the sunshine in me

till we both of us

are more glorious

and more sunny.


D.H. Lawrence, 1885 – 1930



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