The Melody Lingers On

melody lingers on song 1920

When I saw this prompt, the first thing that came to mind was the Irving Berlin song from 1920 –  way before my time, but close enough that I know the song.

There’s something poignant and suffused with longing about this song.  Actually, Irving Berlin was a master of moods of longing and nostalgia.


Here are the lyrics:


The Song is Ended


My thoughts go back to a heavenly dance

A moment of bliss we spent

Our hearts were filled with a song of romance

As into the night we went

And sang to our hearts’ content

The song is ended But the melody lingers on

You and the song are gone

But the melody lingers on

The night was splendid And the melody seemed to say

“Summer will pass away

Take your happiness while you may”

There ‘neath the light of the moon

We sang a love song that ended too soon


 End Of Summer By Amy Giacomelli

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<a href="">Melody</a>


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