Tending the Fire

Fireplace fire

This prompt reminded me of a poem I wrote about  12 years ago:


Tending the Fire

Still I am in the hands of the unknown God; he is breaking me down to his new oblivion…



Don’t you love a good fire?

About every ten minutes,

add a small log.

Keep feeding it.

The heat must be intense enough,

constant enough,

steady enough

to set a husky arm of oak to

burning from its core.


It’s messy work.

Grit from the twigs on the polished floor,

black soot from the poker

on my hands.


My father told me how to keep a fire burning.

Now he sits in the cold winter sunlight

at the Home,

when the sooty darkness

catches the twigs of day,



I sit before the fire in the dark living room,

on the floor before the fire,

feeding it,

watching it like a TV show about my

still burning, though crumbling love.

The flames orange my face.

Roaring silence

issues from their hunger.

Fire in Fireplace













<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/burn/”>Burn</a&gt;



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