It will sigh with pleasure


I wrote this poem about twenty years ago, but it is also true of my present relationship with my present garden!


Rules for Action in the Garden


Sidle up to the garden and speak to it.

Applaud the crocuses.

Kiss the rose.

Push the tulips.

Pray about the old blueberry bush:

oh garden god, just let it die; I don’t have the heart to dig it up

. Caress the evergreen now taller than you,

which you planted when it came to your knee.

It will sigh with pleasure at the memory of your hand,

the violence of its uprooting and replanting,

hurt of the dirt pushed around it,

ecstasy of comforting water.

Yell at the robins who eat the sweet cherries

before you reach them.

Prostrate yourself in the grass,

with its thatch and uneven patches,

weeds and moss and mole tunnels.

lilies garden in woods  2007



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