The Eye of the Wind

the window 1924  Marc ChagallThe Window  1924    Marc Chagall


I wrote this poem last year just at this time last year:


Good Friday Morning in Maryland


Birdsong courses through the eye

That I call window

The wind’s eye , gritty with winter dust

And Spring beginning .


The Spanish call it Ventana

Which also sounds like wind

To me.

The Danish call it Vindue,

Which sounds to me like Vishnu,

Preserver of the Universe.


Italians call it Finestra,

The end of the stars,

The end of the stratosphere.


The French call it fenetre

The Germans call it fenster

In which I see fences,

In which I hear excited air

Flying through the fens,

Licking the marshy grasses.


dali  figure at a window

Figure at a Window     Salvador Dali


the-human-condition  magritte

The Human Condition      Rene Magritte


goldfish window    childe hassam

The Goldfish Window         Hassam Childe



<a href=””>Window</a&gt;


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