Do you want to know a secret?

Do you promise not to tell?

As a teacher, I am not supposed to like, or dislike, one student more than another.

But I do –  not very often, but I do.

On Leap Day, yesterday, the president of the university where I teach resigned.  This is a long story that I just don’t feel like telling here.

I think his resignation is for the best, but I still have mixed feelings about the way it came about.

Today I was really enraged by some of the remarks of one of the young alums on Facebook.   I taught this fellow when he was a freshman, and he graduated about ten years ago. I remember him in class and on campus as he still is:  self-righteous, bombastic, and obnoxious. There: I’ve said it.

These photos and memes express my opinion of my former student:

Arrogant man

Google image of an  arrogant  self-important uppity stuck up man

to whom I would say:

self righteous meme

and also

smug self congratulatory


<a href=””>Secret</a&gt;


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