Bored Queen

One of the best professors I had in college declared that “the true intellectual is never bored.”

I , therefore, am not a true intellectual!  However, I have developed a behavior to alleviate my boredom:    I zone out.  My body might be forced to remain in the boring situation, but my mind has left the building.


One regularly boring situation I experience is the poorly prepared homily in Church.

The homilist goes on and on, repeating himself, meandering around his topic, for much longer than necessary.  That’s another good saying:  “The mind can only absorb as much as the seat can endure.”

church bored


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One thought on “Boring!

  1. You know the saying, “God can write straight with crooked pencils”? Well, I’d have to ad that the Holy Spirit can speak straight and clear through zig-zaggy droning speakers — even in church! lol


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