Three Wrenching Deaths

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Young/REX (100574d) David Bowie DAVID BOWIE AT THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL – 1983

Probably I’m not answering this prompt in the way it was intended, but I can’ help myself.

In the space of a week, three people MY AGE, who were excellent artists and beloved, have died.

First, the musician: Davie Bowie,  age 69

CD Wright 67

Then, the American poet, C.D. Wright, age 67

Alan Rickman

Then, the marvelous actor, Alan Rickman, age 69.

Never met any of them, but I feel a personal loss in their deaths.


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One thought on “Three Wrenching Deaths

  1. I didn’t know the other two had died this week. What a shame, but only for their (and us) survivors. The three themselves have gone ahead on the journey closest to where they were originally fashioned and were awaited after their relatively long gestation–which always seems too short to us, here. It’s pretty hard to believe, though, that there are others right now who have been formed in the likeness of these three, whom others will admire and/or be grateful to, be a little shaped more by.

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