Emily’s Handwriting


Here’s a colorized photo of Emily Dickinson, American poet, with whimsical background that I like.

I’m embarking on a “30 poems in 30 days” adventure.  I’ve done it before; it’s more accurately “30 first drafts in 30 days.”

So I decided to write the first one on my reaction to seeing a photograph/scan of several of Emily’s most famous poems in her own handwriting:

Emily Dickinsons handwriting

So here’s my first  first draft of this series:

Emily’s Handwriting

Surprised me

So sure it would be cramped, neat

As her bedroom must have been

Though why my supposings leaned

That way,

I ask myself.



It’s loose limbed penmanship

Penwomanoceanliner free

And unpredictable

As waves.


Capital A’s as large as omelets,

Loops of lowercase h’s and f’s

Longing as trebles,

Wild as clefs.



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