Goodbye to Larks

rasselas pines 69

Here I am, in a 1969 yearbook photo, on the far left, with a cigarette in my hand.  That’s the only photo I could find of me in the act of smoking.

I began to smoke when I went to college, and smoked from age 18 to age 29, when I joined the convent.

I had my last cigarette on the doorstep of the convent.

Was it hard to quit?  I tried to quit six months before going, but it was a stressful time and I went back to smoking, and so finally quit on that doorstep.

It wasn’t hard to quit because I was so excited about my new life, and I was living with eleven non-smokers.

Still, when I helped with the grocery shopping and saw my brand for sale at the cash register, I felt a pang of yearning.


Lark cigarettes

But that was 37 years ago, and I haven’t missed it for quite a while.


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