Hate to Love: Leave the gun – take the cannoli


Here’s my guilty pleasure:  the first two Godfather movies,  and, following on those,  Al Pacino.


The plots and the characters  -the seven deadly sins –  and  the acting!  I don’t know how many times I have watched them.


Look at Pacino’s beautiful young face, and the softness of his look at Brando as his father:


then look at his face as he transforms it into the cold, calculating, murderous face of the new Don Corleone:



godfather2featuredlast shot

and then, my guilty pleasure at watching Pacino play the Devil in the film

The Devil’s Advocate:

pacino and maatrix guy

paciono devil

Truly, the face of diabolical glee.


One thought on “Hate to Love: Leave the gun – take the cannoli

  1. I’m totally addicted to the Godfather trilogy…the third one isn’t great but it’s a good bookend to the first with Michael’s evolution. It’s just the best Shakespearean tragedy combined with mob violence and is the best example of movie storytelling I’ve ever seen imo. Most women I know don’t like the series though, so I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

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