Oops! From the Darth Vader Collection

boot 2


I didn’t know that the maintenance guy had just washed down the concrete steps in the back stairwell of the Academic Center.  I blithely descended, heavy backpack on my back and full mug of coffee in my left hand.

My rubber-soled shoes hit the slippery concrete and flew out from under me.  The backpack hit the stairs first, saving my back. But my left foot twisted somehow underneath me as I fell.   I yelled so loudly that my students, who were waiting in the classroom for me, came barging into the stairwell.  There was blood on the stairs from where the coffee mug had shattered and cut my hand. Then someone called 911 and I was ignominiously carted out on a stretcher.

My injury turned out to be an avulsion fracture – never heard of it!  Not a broken bone, but shards of bone torn away with the tendons.

My foot looked like an eggplant for a long time.

I spent ten weeks in that black boot from the Darth Vader collection.


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