Pour Some Sugar on Me


candy  floral mints

Today the Campus Ministry team was distributing free donuts in the lobby of our Academic Center. Happy students were entering and exiting with donuts in their hands and smiles on their faces. It doesn’t take much!   I too enjoyed a cinnamon twist donut – my favorite!


A while back I wrote this poem about my preference for sweets:

Picky Eater


Happy Easter – my favorite holiday

because of the Peeps –

squashy marshmallow chicks

bright yellow or magenta,

so much more tasty when stale.


My menu ran to

creamy sugar crusted Whitman’s floral mints

colored like pastel chalk,

shaped like fruit and flowers.

Also, cinnamon ,butter and sugar on toast,

cherry popsicles

I stubbed my big toe on the sidewalk as I ran

up the street to the popsicle truck.

Also, coconut slices colored like watermelons,

sugar donuts.

The grittiness is all.

coconut watermelon slices

I drank Hawaiian punch quenching,

sweet as rain,

hot tea with three teaspoons of sugar,

apricot nectar with a scoop of raspberry sherbet.

hawaiian punch

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/pour-some-sugar-on-me/”>Pour Some Sugar on Me</a>







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